Escort turkey extreme shotgun review

their end. Fast Cycling, Gas Actuated Action, fAST Loading System, smart Valve Cycling System. The Escort does not feel cheap in the hand, and once the gun was cleaned, the gun looks to be well made, but careful inspection reveals quite a few flaws. The hard rubber buttstock is not a plus. And they dont export their complete line of shotguns, but that probably says more about the ATF than it does Hatsan. .

Escort turkey extreme shotgun review - Escort turkey extreme

The Escort Turkey Extreme has a slightly-higher msrp than most Hatsan shotguns, at 673, but we do expect the real-world price to remain below 500, which really is half of what youd pay for a similarly-featured shotgun made in Italy. . While we can (and do) argue all day about which company reigns supreme, the downside is that newer companies have to fight their way out of the shadows, and many a solid rig is forgotten because most are just unfamiliar with the company name. Rifle-style Fiber Optic Front and Ghost Ring Rear Sights. After more than 250 rounds in one sitting, the gun was still firing and knocking clays out of the sky. But this gas-operated Escort semi-auto gun costs a third. This is why Legacy Sports is known. If you want to remove the spring, the bolt, and bolt carrier, then there is one step that takes practice. The Escort Waterfowl Extreme does come with swivel studs for a sling, which is quite helpful for longer hikes to the honey-hole. My biggest concern is the gas piston, a vaunted and well-publicized part of the Escort package, where the bottom was scoured and rough.

Escort turkey extreme shotgun review - Hatsan Escort semi-auto

This is half what it geile nackt weiber geile sexy omas costs for most semiautos, and once my own mistakes were rectified, the gun did not fail. I could not rack the gun, and I had to dissemble it to get the shell out of action. I shot again, another dead clay, and another fail to extract. Turkey has been making shotguns for other companies for years; Beretta, Benelli, Charles Daly, CZ, hatsan is different in that they sell them under their own name; and as more and more people start shooting Hatsan, that strategy is sure to pay off. Dipped with Realtree AP camo, this new design shotgun features HiVis sights and a HeviShot Turkey choke tube to bring you an exclusive, high performance extreme turkey hunting shotgun! Chokes: Extra-full, Full, IM, M, IC,. Escorts also have fast loading systems that allow one-handed round changes without changing aiming position. I grew bolder, and seeing as I did not want to use the rest of my hunting shells, I went back to the cheap stuff. The Most Trusted Name in the Shooting Industry. There are a great amount of sweet features on this gun, and while it certainly lacks polish, I was excited to see what it could. I really enjoy that the chokes are well-labeled as well, making it clear which choke is which through notches at the top end, stars engraved on the side of the choke, and an English label engraved on the choke. Each shot was smooth, the gun was ready to fire as soon as the trigger reset back to ready, and my shoulder was starting to hurt (the buttpad is hard rubber, and when firing stronger loads, you will feel it). As I stated before, the finish also starts to chip easily when the gun heats up, so keep that in mind. The gun also comes with a magazine limiter which is greatly appreciated. The trigger is actually quite decent with a bit of creep before a stiff break. It is always a risk to go with the lesser known company, but Hatsan has made a strong product for a damn competitive price. There is a serious dearth of information on the exact finish used on the gun, but it does not feel too slick nor too porous. And problems are generally fixed swiftly. Specifications: Type: Semiauto shotgun, Gas Operated Piston. This Turkish-built semi automatic has a price that gets it talked about. Even when the gas system was partially plugged, it would still fire the heavy hunting loads, and this encourages me as it means even if the gas system starts to get bogged down while out in the muck, the gun is still going to shoot.

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